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Dr. Wieslaw Koterla

Specialist - Internal Medicine

Full Time
  • Graduated with Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in 1993. Fellowship training in Silesian Medical School and Silesian Medical University in Poland, European Union.
  • Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Consultant at University Hospital in Katowice and in Warsaw. Was regularly teaching Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, endoscopy, diagnostic and invasive ultrasound procedures as academic lecturer.
  • Holder of Executive Master of Business Administration diploma from Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship since 2002
  • Certified with Master of Science in Healthcare Administration from Atlanta University, Georgia USA in 2015.
Professional Experience
  • Teaching Hospitals of Silesian Medical School and Silesian Medical University, Warsaw Medical University in Poland, European Union.
  • Since May 2010 he has been working for Hospital managed by Johns Hopkins Medicine International from Baltimore, Maryland USA in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Professional Associates

American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, European Society of Endoscopy, Emirates Gastroenterology Society and others

Languages Spoken

Native – Polish

Fluent – English, Russian

Basic – German, Arabic