Accident & Emergency Services

The 7-bed emergency department has 2 Allianz ambulances on call 24/7. Equipped with the very latest emergency room equipment, the department features its own minor operations room, a dedicated, private female resuscitation room, 3 cubicles and an abundance of world-class emergency room equipment for fast and effective treatment and minimal waiting time.

The department is equipped and staffed to the highest international standards and complies with AHA guidelines. All staffs are BLS and ACLAS trained, for your peace of mind. The unit connects directly to Radiology, again for speedy examinations requiring X-Rays and fast medical imaging. Time is of the essence when it comes to medical emergencies, which is why this department has been meticulously planned, its processes are efficient and the staff exceptionally experienced in providing the best emergency care you’ll find.

Our Emergency and Accident Department offers:

  • Comprehensive medical care from minor illnesses to life-threatening situations
  • Full-fledged procedure room with equipments like dedicated defibrillator, ECG, etc.
  • Close proximity to diagnostic imaging and laboratory services
  • Short Stay Unit for those who do not need intensive care or admission.
  • "On call" access to a full range of medical and surgical specialists
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