Staple pin swallowed by two years old emirati boy

Dec, 2018

Doctor from the ENT department of Al Sharq Hospital, Dr. Predrag Spiric, recently saved the life of a 2 years old Emirati boy, who swallowed 2.12 cm staple pin that got stuck in his esophagus. The parents took the child to the Al Sharq hospital’s emergency department where ENT Specialist Dr. Predrag Spiric instructed to do fluoroscopy procedure (Chest X-Ray) immediately. The examination showed a staple pin stuck in the esophagus. After an hour-long Endoscopy surgery, the staple pin removed under the general anesthesia without any injury. Dr. Predrag Spiric said : “ The child was kept under observation for 24 hours and discharged next day “ and he added “ the parents were counseled and asked to keep sharp objects out of the children reach’.

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