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Services & Departments

Al-Sharq Hopsital has exceptionally high end services and department that catets the need of people of east coast. The hospital has following sailent features. 

  • 7-bed, 24 hours Accident & Emergency Unit
  • Four extensively equipped operating theatres
  • A purpose-built endoscopic suite for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures relating to gastroenterological
  • A self-contained maternity complex, consisting of four delivery rooms and five Neonatal Intensive Care beds
  • A sophisticated 5-bed Intensive Care Unit, for adults and one paediatric bed with facilities for ventilatory management and total physiological monitoring
  • A sophisticated medical imaging division with the latest MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, Mammography and Digital X-ray
  • A high-tech laboratory designed as a regional referral centre, immuno-haematology, covering haematology, serology, hormone assays, immunochemistry, biochemistry and microbiology
  • A physiotherapy unit offering short-wave diathermy, ultrasound therapy, electric muscle stimulation, lumbar and cervical traction and a gymnasium for exercise sessions
  • Special investigation facilities for echo doppler studies, lung infection tests, electro-encephalogram, urodynamic studies and lithotripsy services
  • Exclusive Mother & Child department
  • Exclusive dialysis unit. 


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